I'm always happy to come on your show and share any insights your audience may find useful.

Topics For Discussion

I have worked for many years across all sectors and communicate weekly through my Youtube channel (SimonPhillipsLive - Change with Confidence), my Blog and my Podcast (The Change Show). As a Speaker, Consultant and Coach, I support organisations, teams and individuals to both cope and thrive on Change.

I founded The Change Maker Group which is a Profit For Purpose organisation and I'm on a mission to develop 1 Million Change Makers through my Change Maker Pledge.

Here are some topics I would love to discuss with you and your audience:

  • Coping with Change
  • Wellbeing and Mental Health
  • Leading Through Uncertainty
  • Hybrid Working
  • Eliminating Fear and Introducing Love into the Workplace
  • How to be a Change Maker

I am also a best-selling author on the topics that help people thrive in these mad times. The Complete Guide to Professional Networking, Dynamic Time Management and Change Wisdom.

As seen on:

A Voice For Change

Discussing Mental Health with Oliver Hines on the BBC Radio Wales Phone In show. (7:37 mins)

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Simon took his popular podcast The Change Show with Simon Phillips onto the radio, to share insights on what it takes to lead change within an organisation, a team or a community project.

The Change Show became the most listened to show on the global Leadership Radio station - KLDR.

Across All Media

I'm constantly sharing ideas, insights and inspiration for people struggling to cope with change or wishing to thrive on change.

Drop me a mail and connect with me wherever you prefer to hangout and say "Hi!"




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