Dynamic Time Management

Everything changes in life, all the time, including us.

This is a time management book for our time. People across the planet are waking up to the reality that life is precious and we don't have to keep doing the same things if it's not feeding our soul and bringing joy into our life.

To feel more in control, we need to engage with time more dynamically. Manage what we can, and accept what we cannot. A life of FLOW can be achieved by anyone willing to define what balance means to them. Are you ready?

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How Dynamic Time Management will help you


Are you looking to live a life of purpose?


Are you looking to feel more in control of your life?


Are you looking to make every day count?

Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips has been developing change makers for more than two decades. His books, workshops and talks have inspired people to make their greatest contribution all over the world.
Simon is a best-selling author, an award-winning trainer and the founder of both The Change Maker Group and the Change Maker Community. He has worked with leadership teams from some of the biggest organisations and, through his online courses and programmes, supported individuals striving to make a difference in their world.
"I'm here to serve others. My aim is to develop a million Change Makers, people who can be effective with the time they've been given, work productively with others and make change happen. Dynamic Time Management is a key part of the story and answers the most common question I hear - "How can I find enough time to do everything I want to do?""

Feedback From the Early Readers

Renée Smith MSOD

Founder of A Human Workplace

“In “Dynamic Time Management” Simon Phillips refreshingly invites us to own our time by truly owning our lives. He guides us to learn to make choices of day-to-day practicality and of long-range vision. These choices value our own humanity as joyful,
loving, creative, healthy, engaged, whole, and yes, productive individuals who can make the most of every dimension of this beautiful, challenging adventure called life.”

Trent Simmons

Co-Founder, Spirit of the Game

“Rather than a 1 size fits all approach, Simon actually helps you “try on” each piece of
advice and determine if it makes sense for you. And with a strong sense of personal
accountability woven through it all, this book eliminates all the conventional excuses for
not living your best life.”

Rod Findlay

Business Services Director, British Cycling

“Most people in business have competing demands and seemingly never enough time, while others appear to have more than 24 hours in a day. They clearly don’t but there are important tips to managing time and they are in this book. It’s an enjoyable read and will have a hugely positive impact on your work and personal life if you adopt some of the suggestions. Enjoy!"

"Striving to achieve someone else’s view of balance is the first step toward disappointment. You’ll never approach real joy by trying to squeeze yourself into a life that is perfectly designed for someone else."

"There is a misconception that you cannot have it all – that you must sacrifice one lifestyle for another. While on the surface, balancing one’s life may appear to be a daunting task, when you prioritize things in your life and break them down into achievable goals, then you can manage just about anything."

"Being a Change Maker is about being bold enough to follow your dreams and to take the steps necessary to make them a reality. It is in your power to make your dreams a reality.

Where will yours take you?"

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