"95% evaluated his performance as excellent!"

"Purpose Entrepreneur of the Year" - Finalist, Great British Entrepreneur Awards  2024

Simon Phillips - Conference Speaker and Facilitator


Simon has spoken at venues across the globe, from Stirling Castle to Sydney and Excel to the Eden Project. His style is relaxed and engaging and he is just as much at home facilitating a company conference as he is on stage in front of a few thousand people.


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Speaking and Facilitating

Simon Phillips was educated at the University of St Andrews, trained at Accenture and moulded in the mangled wreckage of his car! A lifetime of ups and downs taught him how to navigate change and inspire others to do the same. He's on a mission to develop 1 Million Change Makers.

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Three best-sellers, published in 16 countries in multiple languages and 20 years after his first book, Simon continues to write on the subjects closest to his heart - change, relationships and personal effectiveness. He is currently working on his next book and regularly writes blogs and publishes his weekly newsletter which is read across the globe.

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A former change management pioneer at Accenture, Simon continues to support clients navigating the choppy waters of change. Founder of the ground-breaking Change Maker Group and host of The Change Show podcast, Simon is also a National Training Award Winner and a highly sought-after executive coach.

transforming work

Simon is a Board member of the Center For A Loving Workplace which is a global non-profit dedicated to reshaping workplaces to be better for people by putting love at the center of work. The Center helps leaders, teams, and organisations shift to love-based ways of working that uplift people, valuing health over hustle, inclusion over division, and authenticity over façades. When love is a core value, work is better, people thrive, organisations succeed, and communities prosper.


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Simon Phillips 

Simon's shares his deep knowledge of what it takes to make change happen in every aspect of life and business. From riveting keynotes to meticulous show notes and across the web, Simon's inspiration ignites professional excellence. 

He hosts the popular podcast - The Change Show with Simon Phillips, speaks on stages all over the world and communicates with thousands via his Youtube channel and his Facebook group.


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Founder of the ground-breaking Change Maker Group. Simon has brought together Change experts, award winning trainers and best-selling thought leaders to help organisations, to thrive in a world of change.

The Change Maker Group develops change makers everywhere and use their profits to educate and inspire those in the non-profit sectors through The Change Makers Community.


The Change Maker Group

Profit for purpose

The Change Maker Group is a Profit For Purpose organisation and we put the profits from our commercial sector work into subsidising work within the public and charitable sectors.

“Developing effective, innovative and resilient leaders at every level of health and care is vital to the sustainability of our great public services.” 


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